Gas, Oil & Minerals

HQTS performs quality control inspections and and testing of for a wide range of gas, oil, mineral products and commodities.  

HQTS provides you with the technical expertise support your QA process throughout the procurement, fabrication, installation, commissioning and operation of products and systems related to gas, oil and minerals.  

The inspection of bulk mineral products typically includes various types of checks or testing for both weight and quality. It is important that these checks are completed at every key stage of a product life cycle to ensure there is no degradation of the value of your product through the introduction of impurities, substitutions, or theft.

We recommend these services be completed at the extraction site, processing sites, storage facilities, loading/unloading facilities, and on shipping conveyances.

We provide services for the following gas and oil production:   

  • Pipeline inspections 
  • Storage containers 
  • Welding inspections
  • Port Loading Inspections
  • Calibration Verification of Instrumentation

We provide services for the following commodities and precious metals:   

  • Metallurgical
  • Iron Ore
  • Coke
  • Manganese
  • Ferro alloys
  • Chrome
  • Coal
  • Steel
  • Bullion
  • Trace Mineral
  • Gold & Platinum
  • Trace Metals & Rare Earth


  • Sun

    HQTS is pleased to announce we will exhibit at the 123rd Canton Fair, Guangzhou. We invite you to drop by and learn more about how HQTS can help you meet your quality assurance goals. You can find us at booth 4-4 [located on the service floor (Pearl River Promenade) in Hall 4].


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