Snapshot: Iraq’s Import Market
By Heiko

Though Iraq has endured decades of hardship, there are emerging signs of hope amid the country’s ongoing instability. According to Trading Economics, Iraq imported over US $45 billion worth of goods in 2018, showing signs of reconstruction efforts and growing consumer demand. Working with a trusted third-party service provider is essential to entering this emerging market.

When one thinks of Iraqi trade, they tend to think of exports, especially crude oil. However, increased government and consumer spending have led to a greater demand for a number of imported goods. These include construction materials, consumer goods and electronics, automobiles, and more. Furthermore, given the country’s low agricultural output, the demand for foreign foodstuffs and other food products remains consistent.

By February 2020, the Iraqi government will require more than 700 products across 12 categories to be labeled with an Iraq Certificate of Conformity (COC) upon entry, placing new quality standards on goods going into the country. This measure seeks to improve the quality of the goods entering the country, limit defective or counterfeit products, and ultimately protect businesses and consumers.

The product categories include:

  • Automobiles

  • Tires and Auto Parts

  • Electronics

  • Toys

  • Construction Materials

  • Chemicals

  • Soaps & Cosmetics

  • Soaps and Detergents

  • Hardware Tools

  • Household Items

  • Footwear and Textiles

  • Kitchenware

An Iraq COC can only be obtained through an authorized third party and HQTS is one of only four companies to receive an official Iraq COC franchise. Whatever you are exporting, HQTS provides a one-stop comprehensive solution for all your Iraq COC needs, including on-site inspection and document related services. Contact HQTS today for more details about how your business can take advantage of this exciting new market.