Jun 5, 2020
5 pm Hongkong & Singapore Time (GMT +8)
5 pm Hongkong & Singapore Time (GMT +8)

The coronavirus has had a massive global impact on many of our business models. This online conference will discuss the challenges e-commerce businesses have experienced and overcome during this period. It will consider the possible future of online shopping and outline how HQTS can help your business to succeed post COVID-19.


Session 1:

Opening remarks and introductions to the online conference and to our speakers; Edwin & Dale for HQTS, Alin for Zalora and Yvon for Saint Germain Consulting.

Session 2:

Challenges & opportunities of supply chain management in the e-commerce industry.

  • How will retail buyer’s behaviours change post COVID-19?
  • Is the e-commence boom sustainable?
  • What are the trends and challenges?
  • The Zalora business case

Session 3:

How can third parties capitalise on this change?

  • The value of third-party providers to e-commerce
  • HQTS’ best practice
  • Improvements
  • Questions & answers from Alin and Yvon
  • Closing remarks from Edwin

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Alin Dobrea


Head of Marketing Solutions & Partnerships at ZALORA

Yvon Moysan


Director – Digital Marketing at Saint Germain Consulting

Edwin Deverill


HQTS Director of CRM

Dale Widner


HQTS Country Manager USA


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