Ensuring the Safety and Quality of Fresh Produce

The fresh produce industry faces unique challenges; from changing seasons to shelf life expiry dates. Fresh produce requires fast shipping and top-quality storage, as any delays in your supply chain or a disruption in storage conditions can seriously impact the quality of your products.

Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs)

Good agricultural practices are basic environmental and operational conditions that are necessary for the production of fresh food products. Including, the practices for worker hygiene and health, manure use, water quality, etc. throughout the production and harvesting process. Independent third-party inspections for fresh produce are essential for wholesale buyers to ensure that the fresh produce has been grown under the safest possible conditions.

Microorganism and Pesticide Concerns in Fresh Produce

Food-borne illnesses are caused by microorganisms that get into our digestive system when people consume contaminated food. Pesticides are used by farmers to reduce bugs, pests, fungi, mould and kill unwanted weeds. Eating fresh food products that contain pesticides could lead to acute or chronic poisoning.

Fresh produce must be inspected and tested to ensure that contaminants and pesticide residues are within the limited scope and comply with relevant regulations and standards.

Fresh produce inspections

HQTS offers product inspections and lab testing for your fresh produce, helping to ensure accurate results of the merchandise every step of the way. We comply with national and international laws and regulations to provide continuous updates for your fresh produce, reducing disruption and mitigating loss. Our one-stop solution includes:

  • Factory/store audit
  • Inspections 
    • Pre-Production Inspection (PPI)
    • During Production Inspection (DPI/DUPRO)
    • Pre-Shipment Inspection (PSI)
    • Loading/Unloading Supervision (LS / US)
    • Destination Inspection
    • Surveys
  • Testing

About HQTS With over 25 years of experience in quality assurance, HQTS is ready to help your business build strong and meaningful supplier relationships across Asia. Our many service locations are ready to be your one-stop shop for your inspection needs, including factory audits, production monitoring, pre-shipment and sorting inspections, and everything in between. This will allow you to know exactly what’s happening on the ground and keep close tabs on your suppliers. Contact us today to find out how we can help you navigate current food safety challenges. inquiry@hqts.com

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