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HQTS Factory & Supplier Audit services provide you with a detailed

analysis of the condition, strengths and weaknesses of your supplier.

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Third Party Factory & Supplier Audits

The key criteria an HQTS factory and supplier audit assesses are facilities, policies, procedures and records that verify a factory’s ability to deliver consistent quality products over time, rather than at one given time or only for certain products.

Major checkpoints of a standard factory audit includes:

• Manufacturer’s background

• Manpower

• Production capability

• Machine, facilities & equipment

• Manufacturing process & production line

• In-house quality system such as testing & inspection

• Management system & capability

• Environment

Major checkpoints of a supplier audit includes:

• Company legality information

• Bank information

• Human resource

• Exportation capability

• Order management

Our Factory Audit Services

Energy Audit

HQTS is providing comprehensive energy audit services to ensure energy conservation can be achieved and sustained long term. The energy audit process mainly includes data collection and investigation, monitoring and analysis, reporting and recommendations for improvements of energy conservation.

Factory Production Control

HQTS’ FPC service verifies your suppliers actually comply with FCP production and CE marking standards and requirements. This service helps to ensure constancy of product performance, verification of the effectiveness of factory production quality control systems, and reduces your risk of importing products and materials that are not in compliance with EU directives.

Environmental Audit

Environmental audits play a significant role in environmental sustainability. HQTS offers environmental audits to assess your environmental credentials to ensure compliance with national and international environmental policies and regulations.

Social Compliance Audit

HQTS provides a rational and cost effective solution to avoid social compliance issues with our Social Compliance Audit or ethical audit service. Employing a multi pronged approach using proven investigative techniques to gather and corroborate factory information, our native language auditors conduct comprehensive confidential staff interviews, records analysis and assess all factory operations based on globally recognized compliance benchmarks.

Manufacturer Audit

HQTS Manufacturer Audits are an important step in a quality vendor evaluation process. Our professional auditors can help you to determine if certain representations made by a vendor are accurate. This is so important in developing countries where some suppliers will do or say just about anything to land your business.

Building Safety Audit

Building safety audits aim to analyze the integrity and safety of your commercial or industrial buildings and premises and identify and solve building safety related risks, helping you ensure appropriate working conditions throughout your supply chain and confirm compliance with international safety standards.


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About HQTS

With over 25 years of experience in quality assurance, HQTS is ready to help your business build strong and meaningful supplier relationships across Asia. Our many service locations are ready to be your one-stop shop for your inspection needs, including factory audits, production monitoring, pre-shipment and sorting inspections, and everything in between. This will allow you to know exactly what’s happening on the ground and keep close tabs on your suppliers. Contact us today to find out how we can help you navigate current sourcing challenges in today’s markets.


“We have been working with HQTS for many years, and as a result have kept our defect rate much below industry standards. I cannot say enough good things about them and have really enjoyed working with them as a true partner, and I find their rates to be extraordinarily reasonable.”

Scott Jordan, Scotte Vest CEO & Founder

“Thanks so much for the wonderful and professional service. Your team is highly competent and courteous to all our staff. It was a great joy and we will highly recommend your services to our industry partners. “

Jasmine Chong, Hometrust


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