Gree Accuses Rival of Substandard Product Quality

China’s Gree Electric Appliances Inc. accused its rival, Aux Group, of producing and selling substandard air conditioners.

According to Gree, it discovered that Aux was mislabeling its products, and eight of the models being produced and sold by Aux have inaccurate energy efficiency labels. Gree claims that the energy efficiency of the named models is significantly lower than what Aux claims on its labels, which violates the China Consumers Association quality mandate for manufacturers.

The company followed up its allegations with an inspection report from the Sichuan Institute of Electron Production Supervision. The report shows that eight products from Aux did not meet China mandatory standard of GB 12021.3-2010 for the Minimum Allowable Values of the Energy Efficiency and Energy Efficiency Grades for Room Air Conditioners and the Product Quality and Standardization laws of China.

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