HQTS Charity Foundation Visit Families in Need

HQTS Group Vice President Ms. Kathy Huang, together with HQTS Charity Foundation colleagues and Fujian Government Officials pay a visit to students in Shouning County Fujian ‘Second Light Industry’ School, greeting students with Chinese New Year gifts.

The HQTS Charity Foundation, is a joint organization founded by the HQTS Group and the Fujian Provincial Government education institution, focused on helping young people and students in need. The Charity plans and organizes activities such as training courses, factory tours and coaching for youth in the Countryside. The foundation has had great results and benefited many students and youth in need, through it’s various charity donations and training initiatives.

In 2020, The HQTS Charity Foundation will go global, spreading hope and support across various regions, delivering help and dignity to people in need. The HQTS Charity Foundation is also prevalent in its regional Offices across Russia, India, Europe, South America and South East Asia.

For more details on the HQTS Charity Foundation, please contact HQTS on inquiry@hqts.com