Latest Supply Chain Challenges, Trade restriction and Economic updates

With a wide range of service locations across Asia, HQTS has collected important supply chain and trade related information to help you fully understand the current situation affecting your business.


At present, with the effective measures taken against coronavirus, new coronavirus cases in China mainland have dramatically gone down. The majority of businesses and factories in China mainland have been functioning as normal. It is estimated that worker return rate will reach more than 90% by early April.


Lockdown and curfew have been implemented from 24 Mar. to 14 Apr. in around 550 districts in India. India’s manufacturing and exports sectors have been greatly affected, notably medicines, electronics, textiles and chemicals .The impact will also be seen primarily in trade and tourism & through supply chain disruptions.


Most of the garment factories are still operating as normal. 729 factories are facing order cancellation or holding back in stock, worth more than US$1.96 billion. Most of the international flights have been cancelled, and only the flights for 4 countries/regions are allowed, including China, Hong Kong, Thailand and UK.


The immigration of foreigners has been restricted from 18 March for 30 days, which means global buyers are not able to check the quality of their suppliers during this period of time.

In February, there was a lack of raw materials from China due to the coronavirus outbreak in China. While starting March, due to the outbreak in Europe and the USA, a remarkable decrease in buying power is taking place.


All companies and factories have closed down, except the industries of essential products/services. Transportation of goods are still allowed. The Prime Minister announced the possibility to extend the movement control order on 23 Mar.


All travelers need health certificate within 72 hours and insurance for entry. There is no restriction policy for the companies and factories whether they should operate normally or working from home, which depends on the policies of each company and factory. Importing and exporting industries are functioning as normal, but have declined a lot.


Jakarta, Banten, West Java, Central Java, and East Java are under lockdown. Most companies and factories are not allowed to operate normally, except the industries of essential products.


All short-term visitors from anywhere in the world will not be allowed to enter or transit through Singapore. All travelers arriving in Singapore will have to submit a health declaration online before proceeding with immigration clearance.


Most companies and factories are still allowed to operate normally, but are encouraged to work from home.

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