2017 Recap

An eventful and demanding 2017 has come to an end, and we greet the new year with renewed excitement for things still to come. Looking back, we faced many challenges, discovered new opportunities, experienced some failure, and attained major achievements. Through the joint efforts of our staff and partners, we once again reached the goals we set for 2017, capped by double-digit growth.


One of our major milestones in May 2017 was the successful opening of our branch office in Russia. This marks an important step for solidifying our foothold in the Russian market. Another was the establishment of a specialized branch office in China’s Henan province shows. This office is focused only on third-party acceptance in support of government procurement in the Chinese market. This represents a significant growth opportunity for HQTS in the China domestic market.


2017 has also been a year of innovation. Our new Internet+ Inspection service was a major initiative, and the first of its kind in the industry, for the China domestic market.


Our Yoshida division, which specializes in supply chain services for the Japanese market, successfully passed certification from the Japanese Bandai Group. This has played a major role in our further expansion in the Japanese market.


The establishment of our laboratory in Zhuzhou, Hunan Province we have created a new model for investment and cooperation for HQTS. This new laboratory will support an initiative to promote local economic development.


All these achievements in 2017 were a direct result of the hard work, sincere dedication, and innovation thinking of our team. HQTS sincerely thanks everybody who played a part in our most successful year yet!


We look forward to even greater things in 2018, so let us continue the journey together.