AFIRM Group has Published 3rd Version of Restricted Substance List (RSL) in Apparel and Footwear Products

The AFIRM Group has published 3rd version of Restricted Substance List (RSL), updating the list of banned or restricted chemicals and substances in apparel and footwear product. The major changes outlined as below:

  1. A list of chemical information sheet has been posted on its website in order to let supplier easy to access the background information of the restricted substances listed in the AFIRM RSL.
  2. Reporting limits have been added for the list of restricted substances in order to align lab reporting practices.
  3. pH, styrene, vinyl chloride monomer are newly added to Material Risk Matrix (Table 1) with new remarks:
  • Bisphenol A only for Polycarbonate
  • Styrene only for styrene copolymer
  • VCM only for PVC

    Please check the complete list here.