Amazon’s New Packaging Standards

Online shopping giant has updated its package transport standards and requirements dubbed ISTA–SIOC. All goods sold on its platform must comply with this standard. It was developed to challenge vendors to provide packaging to withstand transportation hazards that are typically encountered during transportation and handling of products from the vendor to Amazon, and to the customer.

The testing protocol is specifically designed for products delivered to fulfillment centers and is designed to evaluate the ability of the primary or secondary packaging to withstand damage from handling, transportation, warehousing and environmental factors. The standard has 8 types from Type A to Type H according to the package size, weight, delivery methods and product characteristics. Each type of has different testing protocols and processes.

To incent vendors to comply with the new packaging standards, Amazon stipulates that packaging found out of compliance after July 31, 2019 will be fined at the rate of $1.99 per package. Vendors will be certified and rewarded $1.00 for each package that passes compliance testing from September 17, 2018 to July 31, 2019.

HQTS-QAI is one of the first Chinese laboratories to be accredited by ISTA and is highly recommended by Amazon as a certified testing provider. With more than two decades in the packaging testing industry, our technical experience and skill has resulted in thousands of customers who have complete trust in our performance. We are certified to provide SIOC testing and reports for customers around the globe.

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