G20 Osaka Summit May Delay Shipment or Clearance

Osaka, the 2nd largest city in Japan, will host the G20 Summit from June 28 to 29. The G20 summit is one of the most important conferences in the world. The 20-member grouping consisted of the world’s 20 wealthiest and emerging economies. World’s leaders will discuss international economic cooperation and trade issues during the summit.

Osaka is also a major shipping hub; Japan’s 5th largest cargo port, 4th largest foreign trade container port with throughputs of more than 90 million tons cargos and 2.5 million TEU every year. The Osaka international airport is the 18th largest airport in the world with annual handling capacity and throughput exceeding 800,000 tons. Due to increased security for the G20 event, a delay will is expected for all shipments in and out of the port facilities in the time leading up to, and through the event.

Thousands of police officers will be on duty at the conference site and nearby area, while helicopters, metal detectors, and sniffer dogs will help boost the level of security. Because of the Osaka port is very close to the conference hall, the Japanese government announced that from June 27 to June 30, large scale traffic restrictions and flow control on all main roads, bridges, airport and harbor areas will result in significant delays, including inbound and outbound flights, and harbor traffic.

Authorities will inspect all cargo and every container entering and leaving the Osaka terminals to ensure the security. The Japanese government also requires all ships planning to enter the Osaka harbor and Kansai International Airport during the G20 Summit, from June 24 to June 30, must report navigation schedules in advance before entering the area.

Also, beginning in mid-May, security inspections in the port have already been stepped up. From the second week of June through June 30, all imported goods entering all major Japanese ports such as Osaka, Kobe, Nagoya, and Tokyo will be subject to X-ray inspection without exception.

Vehicles will not be allowed to enter Osaka harbor from June 22 through to June 30 except private automobiles which have passed the security check. These factors will affect all transport companies and warehouses in the port, as all goods will remain in the harbor area until July 1, 2019.

HQTS kindly reminds all consignor and freight forwarding: If you have goods routing through Osaka, we suggest you contact your contact client with the above information before shipping.

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HQTS is not only a third-party quality control service provider, we are also invested in the success or our clients! So, we educate and inform them of any factors that may affect their business!

For more G20 Osaka summit traffic restriction information, please see the Japan government website https://www.kansai-airport.or.jp/en/notices/g20?tdsourcetag=s_pctim_aiomsg for additional information.

HQTS is not only a third-party quality control service provider; we are also invested in the success or our clients! So, we educate and inform them of any factors that may affect their business.