Health Canada Publishes New Playpens Regulations: SOR/2018-186

On October 3, 2018, Health Canada published, in the Canada Gazette, a new playpens regulation to address identified safety hazards related to the use of playpens and their accessories. This also aligns to some requirements of the Cribs, Cradles and Bassinets Regulations (SOR/2016-152) and applicable US requirements (16 CFR 1221), and strengthens construction and performance requirements.

The regulations apply to products intended to provide an enclosed play area for a child who has a height of 90 cm or less, has sides that are attached to its floor, one of which is at least made of textile or other pliable material, and none of the structural parts are inflatable.

The areas improved in the regulation are listed as below:

1. Entrapment in openings in the textile sides of playpens and sleep accessories
2. Floor pad spacing and mattress pad spacing
3. Angles of sleep surfaces
4. Warnings
5. Stability
6. Latching and locking of top rails
7. Side deflection and strength
8. False latch
9. Top rail configuration
10. Top rail to corner post attachment
11. Entanglement on projections
12. Corner post height
13. Floor pad thickness
14. Height of playpen sides
15. Openings — finger entrapment
16. Floor pad vertical displacement
17. Strength of playing surfaces
18. Mesh opening sizes
19. Mesh and fabric attachment strength
20. Accessories — entrapment
21. Number of wheels
22. Side height of sleep accessories
23. Mattress pad thickness of sleep accessories
24. Integrity of playpen accessories
25. Angle of sleep accessories that rock or swing
26. Allowance for the use of a pouch to store assembly and use instructions

The regulations repeal and replace the Playpens Regulations (SOR/2016-189) and will be enforced from April 3, 2019, six months from the date the regulation was published in the Canada Gazette.