Health Canada Releases New Regulations for Corded Window Coverings

To protect children from strangulation, Health Canada recently published new regulations for corded window coverings

The new regulations restrict the length of the cords and the size of the loops found on window coverings sold in Canada.

According to a news release issued by Health Canada, the new regulations apply to all products sold in Canada; both custom-made and off the shelf.

The regulations will be effective on May 1, 2021; allowing manufacturers, importers and retailers time to adjust to the new requirements.

In the meantime, Health Canada strongly encourages parents and caregivers to replace existing corded window coverings with cordless options.

According to Health Canada, it takes just over 22 centimeters of cord to strangle a child, 15 seconds for a child to become unconscious, four minutes for brain damage to occur and less than six minutes for death to occur.