Health Canada Revised Policy For Infant Sleepwear

Recently, Health Canada revised the policy for infant sleepwear sold in Canada. Infant sleepwear qualifies as a tight-fitting sleepwear if it is designed for infants weighing up to 7 kg.

Flammability Requirement Guidelines (2016), amended from time to time, specify that the maximum chest circumference for infant sleepwear is 508 mm. Sleepwear designed for infants up to 7 kg with a chest circumference greater than 508 mm may be subject to the requirements for loose-fitting sleepwear for children over 7 kg. The amendment allows sizing to be harmonized between both US and Canada for Infant styles only.

Health Canada revises the policy on infant sleepwear sizing to the following:

For a garment to be considered as a sleepwear designed for infants weighing up to 7 kg, it must have:

  • A chest circumference that is less than or equal to 508 mm;
  • A label stating in months the age of the child for whom it is intended; the age must be 9 months or younger.

The change in policy is effective immediately.

Find more information about Children’s Sleepwear Regulations on the official source link:


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