HQTS Successfully Expands To Russia

The successful registration of HQTS Russian Company represents a milestone in HQTS’ development history.

On May 18th, HQTS Russian Company has been officially registered. After the establishment of HQTS India Company in January 2016 and HQTS Cambodia Sorting Inspection Factory in March 2017, the latest opening of HQTS Russian Company represents another expansion of HQTS to oversea markets as well as the outstanding contribution to the cooperation between China and Russia.

Heads of HQTS Group and representatives from Hungary and the Czech Republic gathered in Moscow to celebrate HQTS’ entry into Russia. Mrs. Elena Lyutikova, General Manager of HQTS Russian Company, explained that she is thankful for the support she received from the company to prepare the registration of the company in Russia. In addition, she placed her confidence in the future of HQTS Russian Company and expressed her strong will to contribute to the promotion of HQTS’ global development.

Expand the team and focus on talent training

According to the Group’s plan, the Russian Company will be positioned as a training base and management center of Europe and Central Asia in order to develop and expand the sales, marketing, customer service, key account service and inspection team. In this process, HQTS Group will not only develop Russia and other markets but also create good working conditions for the company.

The establishment of the Russian company is an important step for the internationalization of HQTS Group. The launches of three overseas companies within one year show the fast development and growth of HQTS. HQTS also plans to enter other overseas markets in the future.