Mercosur Amends Labeling Requirements for Textiles and Apparel

The Mercosur Common Market Group recently issued a regulation modifying the current regional labeling requirements for textiles and apparel. Mercosur member nations have until June 15, 2019, to incorporate these new requirements into their respective national legislation.

MERCOSUR is a South American economic and political entity designed to facilitate free trade among its members. Current full members include Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, and Uruguay.

The new regulation does not appear to include any significant changes to the requirements of GMC Resolution 33/07. Some of the more notable modifications are summarized below.

  • One fiber representing less than five percent by weight or two or more fibers representing less than 15 percent by weight of the fiber content of a product may be disclosed as “other fiber” or “other fibers”, as applicable (this threshold is currently 10 percent).
  • A new provision clarifies that when the textile yarn is intrinsically added to a fabric made from a different yarn, thereby becoming an integral part of that fabric, the fiber content of such fabric must reflect the incorporation of such yarn.
  • Care labeling is required to be carried out per ISO 3758:2013, compared to ISO 3758:2005 currently.
  • New language explicitly requires the ISO 3758:2013 care symbols to be used in the correct order and comply with certain other conditions.
  • Elastomultiester and melamine are added as generic fibers.
  • Lined buckles are now on the list of exclusions from the labeling requirements, Christmas and similar decorations and stuffed door seals and removing textile products for rent.