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Our staff works hard to keep our customers up to date on industry news, regulatory changes, and our internal developments to be sure you are receiving the most benefit form your relationship with us.

News – Periodically we will post brief information, HQTS and industry stories and insights that may be of interest to you. These can be found in the news section of our website.

QC Insights – This periodic newscaster we publish provides more in-depth information about HQTS, the quality control and assurance industry, as well as regulatory information.  Contact us if you would like to receive an email summary from us.  If you choose to subscribe, you may still cancel at any time.

Events – HQTS attends scores of industry related events each year throughout the world.  We like to keep you posted as to our event activity, so if you find yourself also attending one of these events, you can stop by to say Hi.

Technical Resources – This is a limited access area of our website where we provide resources that are important to our customers, and others who may have legitimate interest. We welcome you to request access if you have a need for these resources. To request access,  please contact us today.