Package Reliability and Cargo Insurance Conference

To further promote research on packaging reliability, cargo insurance, and innovation in freight transportation insurance products, the China Packaging Federation Transportation and Packaging Committee held “The package Reliability Authentication and Cargo Insurance Conference” at HQTS-QAI on July 2, 2019.

The core of the research work was to establish cargo transport insurance terms and service systems through research of transportation and packaging technology. For packaging that passes reliability testing and obtains relevant certification, the insurance covers the risk of cargo damage due to packaging failure. The research also seeks to integrate the resources from technical organizations, testing organizations, consultants, and others to provide comprehensive system-wide services such as consulting, process design, supervision, risk management evaluation, and damage prevention.

Ms. Lu Binglin, Secretary-General of ISTA (second from left)

The primary work of this conference was to establish standards for the development of the Technical Specification for Recyclable Boxes.

Representatives from HQTS-QAI, China Packaging Research and Testing Center (CPRTC), Procter & Gamble,,, Cainiao Smart Lockers and Grayscale Environmental Protection Technology and other companies collaborated on the standard framework and content. The participants reached a consensus by the end of the conference on the final revision to the standards.

Conference Site

As the member of the ISTA China Council, HQTS-QAI hosted, and actively participated in the activities of the conference and actively contributed to the “innovation project”. As a leading transport packaging testing agency, HQTS-QAI has advocated for testing and certification of transport packaging standards.

Some Representatives in the HQTS-QAI lobby with Ms. Lu Binglin (center)