REACH Public Consultation of the 23rd Update of Candidate List

On 3 March 2020, the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) launched a public consultation for the 23rd update of the REACH Candidate List. The public consultation will end on 17 April 2020. 

Five (5) substances were proposed. If all of the proposed substances are identified as substances of very high concern (SVHCs), the total number of SVHCs listed on the Candidate List will increase from 205 to 210 in June 2020 or July 2020. 

Table A gives the substance names, identification numbers (CAS and EC), the reason(s) for proposing and their potential application(s). 

Substance Name CAS Number (EC Number) Reason(s) for proposing Potential Application
1-vinylimidazole 1072-63-5 (214-012-0) Toxic for reproduction (Article 57c) Used in formulation and in industrial process; Used as intermediate and as monomer for polymer production.
2-methylimidazole 693-98-1 (211-765-7) Toxic for reproduction (Article 57c) Used as a catalyst, starting material, chemical intermediate or component in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals, photographic and photothermographic chemicals, dyes and pigments, agricultural chemicals and rubber; Used in industrial chemicals processes and polymerisation reactions.
Butyl 4-hydroxybenzoate (Butylparaben) 94-26-8
Endocrine disrupting properties (Article 57(f) – human health) Used as preservatives in cosmetics, personal care products and pharmaceuticals.
Dibutylbis(pentane-2,4-dionato-O,O’)tin 22673-19-4 (245-152-0) Toxic for reproduction (Article 57c) Used in wide range of products e.g. adhesives, sealants, coatings and paints, thinners, paint removes, paper and board treatment products, textile dyes, finishing and impregnation products, polymer preparations in production of resins and rubber; Used in the manufacture of textiles, leather, fur, wood and wood products, pulp, paper and paper products, rubber products, computer, electronic and optical products, electrical equipment, building and construction work and general manufacturing.
Resorcinol 108-46-3
Endocrine disrupting properties (Article 57(f) – human health) Used in manufacture of rubber products; Used in manufacture of phenol resorcinol formaldehyde (PRF) resin, resorcinol formaldehyde (RF) resin and other resins; Used as a wood adhesive; Used in coatings, adhesives and sealants; Used in cosmetic products, e.g. hair dyes.

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