Building Safety & Structural Audits

An HQTS Building Safety and Structural Audit (BSSA) plays a positive role in helping manufacturers achieve the goal of safe and sustainable practices in the workplace; both in the manufacturing process and the management of their facilities.

HQTS services can help achieve those goals through our comprehensive assessments of a building’s condition. Employing HQTS BSSA services will give you confidence in your supplier selection, knowing they meet reasonable standards of safety and building code compliance, and applicable health and safety policies.

This contributes to a safer and healthier work environment for factory workers, peace of mind for your customers, and brand protection for you.

Our Building Safety and Structural Audit includes:

  • Comprehensive physical and structural evaluation of the building
  • Complete fire safety systems, controls and ingress and egress conditions
  • Electrical safety evaluations and building code compliance


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Social Compliance

Factory Production Control


Building Structural