Production Monitoring

HQTS, a leading global service provider in quality assurance, is accredited by CNAS against ISO 17020 for inspection and ISO 17025 for testing.

Production Monitoring

A sequences of production activities illustrated in records and photos to give you a full control of the manufacturing processes. No Surprises.

Main Benefits

  • To minimize the risk of delayed shipment by confirming production rate.
  • To monitor the full manufacturing process from receiving materials to shipping, according to your quality requirement.


Factory Audit

  • To assess production technology, equipment, environment, raw material purchasing and quality control processes, qualifications, experience and workers skill and subcontracting processes of factory.
  • To analyse potential problems during production in order to develop a preventive control plan.
  • To give an overview of factory production capability.


Sample Tracking

  • To update the status of Pre-production, Production sample, Shipment sample as per client’s schedule.
  • To facilitate the turnaround of sample approval.


Material Check

  • To check the availability of material and accessories from the start of production.
  • To check the quality of material and accessories in terms of colour, size, types etc.
  • To draw sample for lab testing, if required.


Initial Production Inspection

  • To check the quality of products from initial production, in order to ensure they reach shipment sample quality level.
  • Report to the factory for any issues detected and require immediate improvement.
  • To review production plan and schedule.


During Production Inspection

  • Visit factory at intervals to monitor production plan and schedule.
  • To select semi-finished and finished products for quality check.
  • To identify major issues during production and to require factory to implement corrective action.
  • Report to client for any subcontracted processes and require factory to control production quality for those subcontracted orders.


Pre-Shipment Inspection

  • To perform inspection for finished products when goods are 100% completed, packed and ready for shipment.
  • To randomly select finished products according to ISO 2859.
  • To confirm finished products are in full compliance with client’s requirements.


Loading Supervision

  • To supervise loading process according to delivery schedule, including a condition evaluation of container, verification of product information, quantities and packaging.
  • To confirm the correct product quantity is properly handled and secured on the means of transport.