Supply Chain Services

Supply Chain Services:
Global sourcing has been a key driver in lowering costs and remaining flexible, and competitive. Increasing competition in your markets puts pressure on profitability and quality in your product mix, giving rise to issues related to quality management. While global sourcing is here to stay, it is essential to optimize the quality management component of your supply chain to meet these challenges.


supply chain services


The wide array of technical standards and government regulations also complicates your global sourcing efforts. The constantly changing regulatory environment, uneven enforcement, and confusing standards increase your challenges. As an importer or exporter, moving products across borders requires you to be current, and in compliance, with the specific market regulations where your product will be sold.


How can HQTS help you to improve your supply chain?


HQTS understands the complexities you face in your supply chain, and especially in terms of quality management and vendor issues. If you wish to ensure the quality and safety of your products, it is important to ensure your suppliers deliver exactly what you asked for, when you need it. Although it can be a challenge, HQTS supply chain services can help to optimize your global sourcing effort in terms of product quality.


Our supply chain services are quality assurance focused and include quality control inspections, product testing, factory audits, quality control consulting, certifications, as well as a wide range of in-house safety, performance and chemical testing capabilities. In addition, we provide services such as import-export industry and regulatory updates, access to vendor data and key performance indicators, among others.


supplier audit


Our team of experienced technical experts can guide you through the maze of requirements applicable to all your products. We have the broad experience and knowledge regarding international regulations and can help you to bring your products to the market, safely and in compliance with legal requirements.


As a CNAS ISO accredited organization, we are certified to perform a broad range of quality assurance management services, as well as testing against ISTA, Rohs, REACH, CPSIA, DMF, Cl Prop 65, GB and many more global regulatory standards.


HQTS has locations all over the world, so if you’re looking for sourcing companies in Vietnam or worldwide, we invite you to contact an office close to you. We are also located close to your suppliers in Asia and the Middle East, so we can deliver your audits, tests, and inspections more quickly, and with less hassle. HQTS supply chain services can help you to build, and maintain, a trusted relationship with your suppliers abroad, and your buyers at home.




Why do I need supply chain services?


Our goal is your satisfaction. If you hope to reduce costs, save time, ensure product quality, and minimize risks, our supply chain quality management services may be your best solution.

We offer customizable supply chain services, where and when you need them, allowing you to focus on your core competencies while we care for your product quality and safety. A winning supply chain strategy to help you stay competitive in today’s global marketplace.