Training Service

For over 20 years, HQTS Group has been recognized in the industry for our best in class training solutions for vigorous ethical standards, quality assurance processes, product testing, and inspections.


Over the years, we achieved the highest industry wide reputation for our comprehensive and systematic training solutions built on the back of our extensive industry experience, skilled technical team, award winning quality assurance engineers, and experienced lecturers.


Trainees that enter the inspection industry without professional experience, will be taught the basic theoretical knowledge followed by relevant practical skills for quality control inspections.


For those already engaged in the inspection industry, our courses will effectively improve inspection skills and expand vertical product inspection capabilities. HQTS inspections training also helps the trainee learn about the latest developments in the industry, technology, and regulatory environment. It equips the trainee with a competitive edge in the market, and to face rapidly changing market challenges with confidence.


The training regimen includes all necessary inspection equipment and many relevant samples for hands on experience. It will help the trainee identify and easily understand the best practices for specific types and scopes of product inspections.


All who satisfactorily complete then training courses receive two certificates of accreditation; one issued by the respected CIQA (China Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Association), and one directly from HQTS Group.


Our extensive training courses cover a wide range of industries and product categories, including hardgoods, softgoods, home electronics, textiles, and many more. Our training program can be customized to meet specific personal and/or company requirements, to maximize the benefit and overall satisfaction.