Production Monitoring and Control

How the pandemic could disrupt the China supply Chain? If operators can’t not show up to work, we can’t build our product? HQTS upgrades its service of PPI, DPI and Loading Inspection into one module which aims to address supplier labor, capacity lost, upstream material shortage and possible quality lost which caused by the lack of skillful operators. The end to end process starts for the customers’ forecast till the end of the loading shipment in order to keep consistence of on time delivery result.

HQTS Operations team, with planning, engineering and quality functions, keeps close monitoring and evaluate the supplier whole delivery process and increases the visibility of any potential risk about:

  • Material or part readiness

  • Production capability

  • Operators availability

  • Quality control capability

  • Logistic process

These relies on HQTS operations around in China. Rather than discover the issue or risk, the team will work with suppliers to:

  • Setup suppliers’ Prevention and Treatment system against the virus

  • Mange long lead-time material or component availability and inventory

  • Leverage the production lines’ capacities against to the demand

  • Re-qualify the production lines in order to keep a consistent quality level

  • Dispatch HQTS QC on-line to monitor and report the daily quantity and quality output

  • Execute strict sampling plan for Pre-shipment audit

  • Close monitor local transportation and Loading Treatment system before product shipped out

The solution module is developed encompassing order receipt process, capacity booking, production planning and logistic operations at the supplier sites. Making it a comprehensive solution. It also consists of provision to calculate the delivery performance by measuring On Time In Full ratio (OTIF). By the effort of highlighting the reasons for failure, catering all the issues and hiccups in planning and production process, our clients can benefit for:

  • Overall production planning made simpler and easy to manage

  • Proper, logical and achievable delivery date can be promised

  • No back logs in order

  • No delay in delivery leading to customer