Richard Fan, Founder & CEO

Richard graduated from the University of Shanghai for Science & Technology with a Bachelor’s Degree in Instrumentation Engineering. In the quality control industry for more than 30 years, Richard has achieved industry certifications as a National Registered Senior Auditor, National Registered Auditor Training Instructor, and an Enterprise Management Consultant. Before founding HQTS, he was the Deputy Director of Fujian Inspection and Research Institute for Product Quality. He enjoys traveling and studying Chinese history.


Richard is a strategic thinker; correctly predicting the opening of the China market, as well as understanding the impact this would have on manufacturing and import related services. He saw the significant need that would arise for a professional and ethical quality control services company.


He has worked hard to gather an outstanding team of scientific, technical, and customer service centered people here at HQTS Group, and all our subsidiary companies. Richard strongly believes management should be a clear reflection of the values our company holds to, including delivering the highest standards in integrity and service.