The Advantages of Hiring a Third Party QC Provider

As a business, it is essential that your products meet your highest quality standards. The path to achieving this presents two options: send an in-house inspector to the factory, or hire a third party quality control (QC) company. While it may be tempting to send your own people, the advantages of hiring a trusted third party to ensure your quality needs far outweigh the costs.

Experience, Accountability, and Cost Effectiveness

A third-party company has the experience and resources to handle all of your communication needs. When contracted, a QC company will typically assign a Customer Service Staff (CSS) member to act as the key point of contact between you and your supplier while handling orders and inspection services. Furthermore, the CSS will speak the local language and have the experience needed to provide flexible services and professional reports that will give you an accurate picture of what is happening on the ground.

Why choose HQTS?

In most cases, working with a third-party company will save you time and money while ensuring that your products are inspected to the highest professional standards.

HQTS provides quality control inspections, factory audits, supplier evaluations, consumer product testing, production control and management, and quality control consulting throughout the Asian market. Backed by 25 years’ worth of industry experience, and with more than 1500 professionals across 20 countries, HQTS is your one-stop solution for all your quality control needs.