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HQTS Group Ltd. is the Hong Kong based legal holding company for our various divisions providing services in the quality assurance and control to a broad range of business from consumer retail products to power generation, and everything in between. 


HQTS is one of the oldest and largest quality assurance companies in Asia. With operations in 17 countries supported by more than 700 staff, we are made up of four business specific divisions and regions.


Inspections – Quality Control Inspections, Testing, and Consulting company based in Fuzhou China with offices in Shanghai, New Delhi India, Brazil, German, Poland, Russia and the USA.


Testing – Consumer products testing lab based in Hangzhou. This company was formed as a joint venture with USA based QA International Inc. We perform chemical, functional, safety and packaging testing for consumer goods at our 80,000 sq ft lab. We also have a separately owned lab exclusively for footwear testing in Dongguan China.


Sorting Inspections – Doing piece by piece sorting inspections, metal detection and repackaging for customers who manufacture high-end products that require zero defects. We operate our own facilities in Shanghai and Jinjiang China, as well as Cambodia. We can also provide in factory services.


Domestic – focused exclusively focused on providing quality control services for Chinese manufacturers, suppliers and buyers. We support the growing demand for quality products in the China market with the technical services to assist manufacturers in delivering quality products.


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