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HQTS has enjoyed phenomenal growth in the 20 plus years since its founding. Starting with just 5 employees in one small office, we have grown into a global organization with nearly 700 employees in 17 countries around the world. 


HQTS was founded in 1987 as a division of Fujian Inspection and Research Institute (FCII) for Product Quality. FCII was a government owned research and testing facility accredited for testing more than 2,000 types of products. This division handled all the contract quality control inspection work, both domestic and foreign, for FCII.


Prior to China joining the WTO, foreign companies could not operate in China. So, they sub-contracted their QC to local companies in China, of which HQTS became one of the largest. This resulted in HQTS being spun off as a separate wholly owned company in 1995, to focus exclusively on sub-contract inspection services for international companies.


In 2003, key executives took the company private, and began transitioning away from sub-contracting services to being a direct provider. It was at this time we also founded our consumer product testing laboratory as a joint venture with USA based QA International.


By 2010 HQTS was completing thousands of quality control inspections per month. In addition, our testing business was rapidly expanding and became accredited to test against all major global import regulations and ISTA package testing. Since that time our growth has been explosive, and we have expanded QC operations to all of Asia. Today we are proud to provide quality control services for some of the most well known brands in the world.

HQTS History