Why You Need a Tech Pack for Your Fashion Business

If you own a fashion business or are a clothes manufacturer, then you’ll probably be familiar with what a tech pack is. But if not, or you’re just simply interested in finding out more about how to improve your product quality, read on to learn how to create one and why it’s important.

What is a tech pack?

A tech pack, or technical pack, is a blueprint for your garments to ensure all their specs and finer details are followed when being made. It provides a guidance for factories to refer to so you end up with as few defects as possible and your batches getting made according to the required sizes, measurements and materials.

What is included in a tech pack?

Tech packs can be complex and complicated with a lot of details and information. The more the better, in fact, as you want to provide as much information on your products as possible. However, they can also be quite straightforward and simple to understand ensuring a smooth production of your items.

Naturally, the product is presented on the page, possibly in different ways, to highlight how it looks from different angles and directions or sides. The diagrams or simple images should show features clearly and include plenty of space around them for easy viewing. A numbered key should clearly describe what the different features or parts of the product are and more instructions are maybe included with further details of how they should be approached.

Do I need a tech pack?

Once you’ve come up with your designs, you’ll need to communicate them to the factory or people who are going to be making them. You can’t expect them to do a good job if you don’t provide specifics for what you want. That’s why the answer is yes, you definitely need a tech pack if you’re in the fashion business.

Good communication with your factory is essential and providing all the technical aspects of your product will go a long way in ensuring quality and standards. You wouldn’t walk into a restaurant and simply say you want to order a plate of food, would you? You’d need to be more specific and choose something from the menu. That’s exactly what your factory will need, some menu details to be able to deliver.

How much is a tech pack?

The short answer is it varies. They can start at around US$50 and go up to as much as around US$2,000 depending on a range of factors like the type of product and amount of detail required in production.

If you do need a tech pack, it’ll be an expense that’s a wise investment. It’ll save you money and offer peace of mind that your products are going to be made efficiently without any issues.

Why else is a tech pack important?

A tech pack contains vital instructions, guides and information on your products. It’s the bridge between a designer and manufacturer and makes the difference when it comes to getting your garments made correctly. Whether it’s materials, colorways, seams and stitching, measurements and trimmings, a tech pack is the go-to guide and resource during production. Without one, things could get lost in translation and communication, forgotten, or simply done incorrectly causing defects and dissatisfied buyers and consumers. Sometimes you don’t need a tech pack at all but sometimes they are absolutely essential.

Tech pack template/sample

Below is an example of how a typical tech pack could look. Often, they’ll present sketches to show what your product looks like from the front and back. As you can see, the key includes numbers showing all the different parts.

How to create a tech pack for clothes

The first step to creating a tech pack is to specify what clothes the document is meant for. This should be represented on a cover or intro page which outlines exactly what your product is. This part is a kind of introduction to the rest of the document offering a broad overview of what the manufacturer can expect.

The next thing to do is state the quantities of products you want to produce. Include how many of a product is needed and how that relates to the different sizes you’d like to be made. Then outline the specific fabrics and materials they should be made in. List the colors, artwork for printing, embroidery and other details.

Next state the seam to seam measurements and sizes needed. After all that you’ll need to provide information about labels and tags you’d like. All of the above should be considered when creating your tech pack and you can find detailed guides online of how to approach making yours. There are also specialist companies that can create a tech pack for you as well as third-party quality assurance companies like HQTS who can help manage tech packs and more.

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