Consumer Products & Retail

Quality control and quality assurance refer to the processes businesses use to ensure that product quality is maintained. It also helps to reduce or eliminated defects in manufacturing so as to meet customer expectations and regulations. Regardless of your industry, HQTS provides a wide range of consumer quality control services.

From quality control inspections to consumer product testing against REACH, RoHS, CA Prop 65 and others, HQTS ensures your suppliers deliver products that meet your quality requirements.




We service a wide range of consumer goods including apparel and textiles, automotive parts and accessories, home and personal electronics, personal care and cosmetics, home and garden, toys and children’s products, footwear, bags and accessories and much more.

With the increasingly complex supply chain process, product recalls and returns have become a major issue. Manufacturers, brands and retailers need to be confident that the products they deliver meet consumer expectations, global regulations and safety and quality standards. HQTS quality control services are delivered through our professional and technical staff located in major production hubs throughout Asia. We work closely with you identify quality concerns prior to distribution to mitigate delays, unexpected costs and risk to your consumers and brand.