Industrial Equipment

HQTS is an ISO certified inspection, audit and testing company with deep experience in providing the quality program and services you need to evaluate and verify quality in your industrial equipment and installation components in Asia, as well as for the purchase of related products and materials for export to global customers.

From power generation, to heavy equipment for mining and beyond, HQTS brings the experience and technical resources to verify your industrial goods comply with all your requirements. Some of the services we provide include equipment checklists and functional testing, welding inspections, materials coating, raw materials inspections and port loading. 

Our technical services are accredited for hydro & coal power plants, power stations, turbines, wind and solar, industrial materials, and mining operations, and much more.

The scope of quality required in Industrial applications requires significant engineering and technical capabilities.

Contact HQTS today to find out why we are your best choice for a quality control partner.


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