How HQTS Helped a Leading Indian Retailer Reduce Rejection Rates by 60%



HQTS was engaged by one of India’s major retailers, which sources high volumes of fabrics from China, to address persistent quality issues that resulted in rejection rates exceeding 50%. These defects included inadequate material quality, roll to roll shade variation, stains, slubs, and communication challenges with the Chinese suppliers, resulting in increased expenses and operational disruptions.

In response, HQTS was brought on board as an independent quality inspection company to conduct random inspections of the garments at the Chinese factories to detect any non-conforming garments that failed to meet the client’s stringent specifications.


• Inconsistent material quality.
• Shade variations.
• High rejection rates of delivered products.
• Communication barriers with Chinese suppliers.


• Reduced rejection rates by 60% – from 50% to 20%.
• Decreased losses resulting from reduced rework and fewer rejected products.
• Improved on-time performance due to less rework and delayed shipments.


Customised Inspection Program

For this particular project, HQTS developed a customised inspection program based on the client’s requirements. Our inspectors followed the ASTM D5430 (4 Points System) for Visual Inspection and Grading Fabric, meticulously examining the fabrics on various dimensions such as quantity verification, pantone matching, fabric thickness, loose threads, and fabric roes.

Thanks to the company’s local presence in India and nationwide coverage in China, we were able to coordinate and dispatch inspections to all of the client’s service locations in China. Our Indian office served as a point of contact, helping to overcome communication barriers and ensuring that the client received highly technical and experienced inspectors.


Customized Inspection Program

HQTS provided a tailored inspection program designed to meet the strict requirements of the Indian retailer.

Reduction in Rejection Rates

As a third party quality control service provider, HQTS was able to clear out most of the risk the buyers faced. The Indian retailer was able to reduce its garment rejection rates by 60%.

Improved Communication and Issue Resolution

HQTS acted as a vital communication link between the Indian retailer and their Chinese suppliers, helping resolve issues and strengthening the client-supplier relationship.



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