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Supplier Quality Engineering

Supplier quality engineers or SQE’s role within the supply chain is to ensure that quality is upheld while working with suppliers. Their role is based firmly on the coordination of suppliers and meticulously verifying and inspecting their processes to ensure they conform to the larger organization’s quality standards. As well as this, SQE’s are also responsible for the execution of supplier audits and the creation of quality control plans to ensure solid processes are in place to allow for a streamlined supply chain.

Our Supplier Quality Engineering Service Includes:

Supplier quality engineering covers a wide variety of aspects within the supplier chain. SQE covers three major stages of the supply chain journey:

  1.   Supplier evaluation and audits

Usually, the first stage, undertaken by SQE’s, covers the evaluation of supplier and factory audits to ensure that they are working to the organization’s specifications. This allows decision-makers within the company to indicate which suppliers align with the quality needed from the organization to allow for a smooth supply chain process. As well as this, SQE’s are constantly reviewing these services and making suggestions for improvements which are regularly followed up upon.

  1.   Design and development / new product introduction

As well as inspection and the audit of suppliers, SQE also assists in the management of new products. This can include assessing and managing processes and evaluating product lines and their efficiency as it moves towards their final stages and broader distribution.

  1.   Product entering mass production 

The role of an SQE does not end once a product reaches mass production. Once a product is at this stage, quality management is vital in ensuring any defects are found and dealt with before reaching consumers and potentially damaging the brand’s image. This is done through robust documentation of production line processes and inspections. While continually optimizing the production line by solving potential pain points and inefficiencies.

Additional services 

As well as the services listed above, SQE’s cover a range of different tasks and services which assist in the inspection and assurance of quality within the supply chain. These are dependent on the product and organization but can include:

  • Sample/Mold Confirmation
  • New product introduction
  • Mass production management
  • Production technical support
  • Quality management
  • Production line efficiency improvement
  • Supplier improvement and promotion
  • Lean production management


The Advantadges of HQTS SQE Services:

  • Regular or irregular factory audits and follow-up improvement services to help companies improve the quality of suppliers;
  • Improve the efficiency of new product development, promote new product introduction projects, and track and deal with product quality problems at various stages;
  • Help multi-dimensional screening of high-quality products, shorten the time to market for new projects, and save development costs for enterprises;
  • Effectively control the whole process of new product introduction and new product mass production, improve production efficiency, and ensure smooth delivery of new products after mass production.
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