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Production Monitoring

Production Monitoring

HQTS, a leading global service provider in quality assurance, is accredited by CNAS against ISO 17020 for inspection and ISO 17025 for testing.

If a business does not identify and rectify any problems found before completing product production, it is easy to become the culprit of product quality problem rework. Pre inspection not only helps businesses save money, but also ensures quality products that enhance market competitiveness. Using DPM is ideal for products that are complex as it focuses on quality control and has the highest risk prevention and PSI is a great solution for products that have a low process complexity.

New projects and products manufactured during mass production stage

There are many possible problems that can rise at these stages. Using our DPM service we can find any problems in new products quickly to avoid the potential for incurring mass rework.

Items that suffer unstable product quality

If the product quality is unstable and the inspection process adopts the DPM service, the inspector will always be online to supervise the status of the “man machine material method environment” throughout the factory – a process which requires the workers to assemble in strict accordance with the requirements of the operation instructions. The inspector will inspect using strict guidelines that are in accordance with the requirements of the inspection instructions, ensuring the stability of product quality.

Items with fixed delivery date and no delay

If the product delivery date is relatively tight, the use of DPM service can continuously monitor the production status of the factory online and report to customers efficiently, ensuring that the products are shipped according to the plan;

Major and complex projects that cannot be faulty

For important projects, if the customer cannot be on-site monitoring the process all the time, then the DPM service can solve this problem and ensure the smooth progress of the project by inspecting the whole process of the factory through to the warehouse thereby encompassing both the production line and the packaging;

Hidden problems

The root cause needs to be established wherever it occurs in the process. For complex problems that cannot be solved by a simple PSI inspection or if electrical appliances are likely to be in use for a long period of time, the use of a DPM service that takes place in the factory can find the source and the cause of the problem allowing it to be rectified on the production line to prevent the problem from happening again.

In fact, many buyers have encountered similar problems to the cases mentioned above, they are not individual cases. Most of the problems found during post inspection are uncovered too late to be corrected. The reasons for this are:

  1. The buyer lacks quality control over the supplier’s production process, so that the problems found in the final inspection are difficult and costly to fix and control.
  2. Most purchasers’ quality control teams are not entirely professional and due to the shortage of manpower in peak season and the limitation of cross-regional inspection, the quality supervision and quality improvement of suppliers’ production process are limited.
  3. A third-party quality organization is necessary when inspecting the production process, thus ensuring that the production quality and delivery time meet customer requirements. And HQTS is the only third-party inspection company that focuses on quality-forming and this is the backbone of during production monitoring (DPM) and production process monitoring (PPM). HQTS can predict the possible design and process risks in advance and take measures to effectively solve many problems that cannot be solved after inspection:


  • ensure that the factory is producing according in line with the requirements;
  • find any existing problems as soon as possible;
  • avoid large-scale rework;
  • supervise the quality of products during the production process;
  • ensure the factory ships according to the plan;
  • reduce any possible customer complaints.


Quality control inspections of semi-finished products and/or finished products just off the line, inspection of production process control processes and on-site management (human, machine, material, method, environment) and locates defects and deviations and reports them to the manufacturer and customers.  Next, the purpose effective methods to correct any errors and deviations, helps businesses solve quality problems in advance. In 2020, HQTS will upgrade the conventional DPI service and launch a new service as part of the PM portfolio, including the following modules:

  • Storage status checking
  • Raw materials status checking
  • IQC status checking
  • CDF key accessories checking
  • Production line checking
  • Semi-finished products inspection
  • Finished products inspection
  • 4M1E (Workers, machines, raw materials, environment)
  • Factory Supervision
  • Package checking
  • Production plan monitoring
  • NPI or trail products’ problem tracing


HQTS can flexibly customize each of the above modules according to individual customers’ specific requirements and concerns.  We provide diversified compliance solutions for the supply chain, helping businesses continuously improve production management, improve product quality and effectively control the quality of products before they reach consumers.

With the advantages of global resources, rich experience in quality control management, and efficient supply chain compliance solutions, HQTS actively help businesses to establish a complete and effective quality control process, by checking and serving product quality, to provide comprehensive solutions for product inspection and market access thereby reducing product market risks and improving products competitive power.

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