HQTS Quality Control

Energy & Power Plant Quality Control and Inspections

Energy & Power Plant Inspection and Quality Control

HQTS offer quality assurance services tailored to the needs of the energy and power plant industry, from power generation inspection services to technical manpower support.

Our services are designed to reduce the risks associated with sourcing non-compliant products from your supplier and improve the overall quality control practices in your project.


Energy and Power Plant Quality Services

At HQTS, we specialise in providing quality assurance services. With over 25 years of experience and a track record of serving 50,000 clients, our expertise spans a broad range of product categories, including:

Our End-to-End Quality Assurance Services

Our services span the entire Energy and Power Plant sectors, covering every stage from project planning to completion.

  • Design Phase: Procurement consultation, Project risk assessment, Supply chain management services
  • Procurement Phase: Supplier assessment, Factory inspection, Port inspection
  • Construction Phase: Technical manpower support, Onsite quality and schedule management, HSE management, Non-destructive testing and In-service inspection of production facilities and equipment
Power Generation Inspection

Our power generation inspection services involves the inspection and testing of equipment and materials used in power generation, boilers, turbines, generators, fuel handling equipment, emission control systems, transformers and more. 

Our power plant inspection services are available at different stages of the supply chain, including:

Supplier and Factory Audits for Energy and Power Plants

We offer supplier and factory audit services to ensure that your supplier’s manufacturing processes and products meet your quality requirements.

Other Quality Control Services

In addition to inspection and audit services, our team of experts can provide a range of other quality control services, including:

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