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HQTS as one of the premier quality control inspection companies in China provides in factory inspections, field inspections, quality control inspections, consumer product testing, production control and management and quality control consulting in China.


HQTS delivers one –stop comprehensive quality assurance services for customers in the world. The services includes but not limits to quality control inspection, factory/supplier audit, consumer goods testing, production control and management, quality control consulting, training, government/trade services, specialized business services, loading supervision, port cargo supervision, industrial equipment /building acceptance throughout great Asia.


Our Company


HQTS established in 1987 as division of Fujian Inspection and Research Institute (FCII) in China for Product Quality. FCII was a government owned research and testing facility accredited for testing more than 2,000 types of products.
In 1995 HQTS became a separate wholly owned company focused on providing quality control services for China’s manufacturing industry. In 2003 the company went private and added new inspection services to their portfolio by founding a new consumer product testing laboratory.
By 2019 HQTS was completing thousands of quality control inspections per month. Additionally, the testing business was rapidly expending and became accredited to test against all major global import regulations.


Our Quality Control Services for the Chinese Market


Quality Control Inspections


Quality control inspections at various stages of the production process can help you monitor product quality to ensure requirements are being met and to support on-time delivery. HQTS offers in factory inspections as well as loading supervisions of your products to ensure your products meet your requirements.

Consumer Product Testing


HQTS is accredited to test against all major regulatory standards for the import of consumer products. Ensure compliance and safety of your products by testing them in our centrally located laboratory in Hangzhou, China.

Factory Audits & Supplier Audits


Quality control in Chinese manufacturing plants begins with a HQTS Factory Audits & Supplier Audits to assess vendor capability, performance, and quality standards.


Quality assurance for E-business


In recent years, e-commerce and online shopping has become the latest and most popular consumption style. As the government’s supervision of the online shopping market has increased, more and more e-commerce platforms have established their own rules to systematically control the quality of their online sales. HQTS is the official designated cooperative quality inspection organization for many China e-commerce platforms such as Taobao, Tmall, Juhuasuan, Vipshop, Mushroom Street, etc., Our one-stop supply chain quality control services can ensure that products are successfully launched and meet relevant quality requirements.


Environmental management: Environmental protection is becoming question which is unable to avoid. HQTS Environmental Dept. is committed to providing environmentally relevant services about a wide range of organizations, from providing a full range of environmentally friendly butler services to customized services tailored to specific customer needs.


Specialized business services


Customers in different industries often have different needs for quality control services. Even customers in the same industry often have large differences in quality control services because of different product requirements. In order to meet the specific requirements of different customers for quality control services, HQTS provides customized services, which are tailored to the needs of consumers and meets the business needs of different customers to provide customers with professional, safer and faster value-added services. We combine the specific requirements of our customers with our capabilities, communicate with our customers in real time, keep abreast of changes in customer needs, respond flexibly, and allow our customers to enjoy quality control services throughout the journey and easily respond to unexpected situations.


Quality control consulting


The professional consulting services provided by HQTS can help to improve your own business and supply chain management issues, help you choose the right business strategy, and grasp new business opportunities to achieve your business goals.


As trade internationalization continues to deepen, manufacturers, distributors, importers and retailers are required to comply with an increasing number of regulations that vary from region to region and are updated in real time. Due to unfamiliar local laws, business conditions and cultural background, many foreign companies have encountered many unpredictable problems when doing business in Asia. The rapid update of markets and regulations has also caused great impacts and challenges for domestic enterprises.


Government/Trade services


HQTS is a leading global third-party quality assurance service organization. We have carried out quality assurance services such as third-party inspection, testing, inspection and evaluation for international trade since 1989. During more than two decades, HQTS has been committed to government procurement, and is one of the first agencies in the country to carry out third-party inspection, acceptance and evaluation of government procurement. Adhering to the principles of open, fair, just, honest and efficient government procurement, Hansmann Group has a good reputation for independence, integrity, professionalism, convenience and efficiency in government procurement projects.


Factory/Supplier audit


HQTS factory audit service can help you identify the right supplier, and lay a good foundation for ensuring the stability of your product quality, helping you to protect your brand reputation.


For brand owners and multinational buyers, it is especially important to choose a supplier that is comparable to their own brand requirements. A good supplier is required to meet your production and quality requirements, and to be able to assume the necessary social responsibilities in an increasingly mature social responsibility environment.




HQTS is a training and certification capability training institution authorized by the China Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Association. Over the years, we have earned a reputation for our comprehensive, systematic and sophisticated training services with our strong technical strength, experienced team of instructors and extensive industry experience.


Through our inspection training courses, trainees will receive two certificates of authority issued by the China Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Association and the HQTS.


Product quality inspection


The inspection is inspection activity provided by third party quality control agency to verify the quality and quantity of the products according to customers’ requirements.


As consumers pay more attention to product quality, the demand for inspection is also increasing in the import and export trade or domestic trade. It can help customers to find out the quality problems in the goods as early as possible through inspection, help to solve problems as soon as possible to ensure delivering goods on time, and avoid the brand reputation damage and economy loss due to inferior goods.


Consumer goods testing


HQTS Provides professional and efficient testing services to help your products enter the market quickly, reduce your business risks, and ensure consumers’ safety and product reliability.


HQTS Test Laboratory has accredited by AQSIQ. It also has been accredited by CNAS and CMA and has decades of experience in product testing. With a team of experienced testing experts and professional testing services, we provide a complete set of test solutions for our customers worldwide.


Our China Quality Control Inspections cover the next industries:


Food and Agriculture quality control in China



With the frequent occurrence of food safety accidents, China’s food safety issues are facing severe condition. Whether the products are crops or packaged food, HQTS can provide one-stop comprehensive quality control throughout the entire food supply chain. Our services cover from the planting, processing, acquisition and transportation process to closely monitor and test to ensure food safety.


Softline quality control in China


Softline includes textile products and footwear. As consumers’ environmental protection and health awareness increase, the quality requirements for softline are also increasing. HQTS quality control services cover from the raw material to the finished product in the supply chain. HQTS has been recognized by domestic and foreign authorities and associations. We have a professional softline testing laboratory with inspection outlets in more than 60 cities in China and South Asia, which can provide you with efficient, convenient, professional and accurate quality assurance services, and protect your product brand reputation.


Hardline quality control in China


As most popular consumer product, hardline is widely used in the people’s daily life. The new technology and requirements make an endless stream of new products. Suppliers have faced higher requirements. With the introduction of increasingly stringent regulations and regulations, suppliers urgently need professional third-party quality control institutions to standardize product production and improve product quality to meet market requirements according to the specific standards and customer requirements of each targeted market. HQTS Group is recognized by domestic and foreign authorities and associations. We have a professional testing laboratory and a skilled quality control team, tailored to your needs, to help your products stand out in the target market.


Industrial goods quality control in China


HQTS follows the process of China’s industrial modernization and is committed to providing product quality services to industrial manufacturing in China. It is committed to providing safety and functional optimization services for factories and industries. We can provide quality service for products according to the requirements of product quality and functionality to help customer’s product enter the market smoothly.


Electronic quality control in China


With the globalization of the market and the deepening of integration, as well as the rapid development of science and technology, the replacement of electronic appliances is getting faster. In order to ensure the safety and reliability of the products, the frequency of revision of corresponding regulations and laws is also accelerated. These challenges are becoming difficult to manufacturers, distributors and retailers of electrical and electronic products.


HQTS has advanced testing and analysis equipment and decades testing experience. The Group’s testing networks are located in more than 60 cities in China and Southeast Asian countries. Our years of experience have enabled us to fully understand the laws and regulations of various countries and the needs of different customers, to help you solve various quality control problems, to meet environmental protection and global market access requirements, and to win the trust of customers.


Toys and baby products quality control in China


Parents always want to give the best care to their children, including providing them with the best toys and baby products. In order to ensure the safety of toys and baby products, most countries in the world have established strict quality control standards and regulations for toys and baby products, and they are constantly updated, which also puts higher demands on manufacturers, importers and retailers.


Over the years, HQTS has been committed to providing one-stop testing of international safety standards and related regulations for domestic and foreign customers, and has obtained certifications for toy testing qualifications such as CNAS, CMA and CPSC.


Auto parts quality control in China


The quality of auto components is directly related to the safety and performance of the car.  Auto part quality control is especially vital to improving the competitiveness of products.


The procurement of auto parts has various characteristics such as diverse product specifications and geographical dispersion of the supply chain. HQTS has been committed to quality control of the auto part supply chain for many years, with service networks all over the world. We have an experienced team, familiar with PPAP program files, can help you to control entire supply chain, meet high requirements for product quality and safety, and enhance product competitiveness.


Energy and commodities quality control in China


Asia has become one of the producers and consumers of commodities, including crude oil, steel, copper, rare metals, corn, wheat and soybeans. At the same time, Asia is also the main market for energy industries such as power stations and their associated infrastructure and products such as coal, natural gas and crude oil. HQTS can provide quality control services to customers in the energy and commodities industries based on relevant domestic and international standards.


Building and construction project quality control in China


HQTS Construction Engineering Services Dept has been rooted in the Chinese market for more than 5 years. It has been committed to ensuring the quality and safety of construction products and engineering, including but not limited HVAC sanitary ware, architectural hardware, architectural decoration and components, doors and windows, building materials, green buildings and other construction products provide comprehensive testing, inspection, supervision, certification and quality assurance solutions.


How to ensure Quality Control for products coming from China


HQTS offers quality control and inspection services for all your manufacturing needs in China. Within 24 hours of your booking, we can provide field inspections at your factory in China. Furthermore, we can conduct quality inspection of your products at every step of the manufacturing process. When the products need to be loaded in the container, the loading supervision can help you to ensure the conditions before shipment.


HQTS elite quality control experts and teams are professional and they are deployed in the main manufacturing centers throughout China. They can provide factory or supplier evaluation to verify the factory’s conditions, qualification. And they can conduct quality inspection from raw to the finished products. When the products need to be loaded in the container, the loading supervision can help you to ensure the conditions before shipment.



Quality Control certifications and standards for our services in China


HQTS quality control inspections and consumer products testing solutions can help you to ensure your products meet your standards. We are a CNAS ISO accredited organization certified to perform quality control inspections and ISTA testing as well as testing against Rohs, REACH, CPSIA, DMF, Cl Prop 65, GB and many other global standards.


Accredited by CNAS against ISO 17020&17025;
CMA certificate
Certificate of qualification for institution of import & export commodity inspection and survey
China entry-exit inspection and quarantine association import and export commodity inspection and survey organization branch member certificate
Hangzhou High-tech Enterprises Certificate
Canton Province E- Commerce Association Council Member Certificate
Zhejiang Province Medical Device Industry Association Member Certificate
Shenzhen Cross-border E-Commerce Association Member Certificate
Technical Committee Member for Standardization of Textile Industry Federation