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Third Party Food Safety Audits

Get an unbiased evaluation and obtain industry expertise and knowledge of the latest best practices with the help of HQTS third party food safety audits.

Recent food safety incidents have raised concerns and increased scrutiny of production. In today’s complex food supply chain, it’s important that each stage, from farms to tables, maintain food quality control and conform to industry standards and governmental regulations.

HQTS Third Party Audit Food Safety Services

HQTS is one of the premier third party food safety audit companies. We are accredited by CNAS against ISO17020 and ISO17025 and provide best-in-class food safety quality solutions including: inspection, auditing, testing, and consulting services throughout the globe.

We offer food safety audits services for various food categories, including:

Food Safety Inspection Standards

Our food safety and quality solutions services comply with national laws and regulations based on the following standards:

  • Food Sampling Inspection Standards: CAC/GL 50-2004, ISO 8423:1991, GB/T 30642, etc.
  • Food Sensory Evaluation Standards: CODEX, ISO, GB, and other classification standards. Food testing and analysis standards: domestic and international standards, including microbiology detection, pesticide residue detection, physicochemical analysis, etc.
  • Factory/Store Audit Standards: ISO9000, ISO14000, ISO22000, HACCP

Food Quality Assurance Services

As one of Asia’s leading third party food safety audit companies, we can provide quality assurance across your supply chain, including:

  • Factory/Store Audit
  • Inspection
    • Quantity and weight inspection using a water gauge and weighing machine tools.
    • Sampling, quality inspection, and testing.
    • Ship carrying capability.
    • Loss identification, including goods shortage and damage.

Our food safety auditor will evaluate the items based on several criteria, including visual inspection, weight measurement, temperature control, package check, sugar concentration testing, salinity detection, ice glazing, and chromatic aberration inspection.

Food Safety Testing

We provide food safety testing services, including pollution detection, residue detection, microorganism detection, physicochemical analysis, heavy metal detection, dye detection, water quality measurement, food nutrition label analysis, and food contact materials testing.

Food Safety for Exports

HQTS can help you obtain the SFDA Certification for exports to Saudi Arabia and provide consultancy on product compliance.

Contact us today to learn how HQTS can advise you on a safer and more efficient fruit and vegetable supply chain.

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