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Grain Quality Control – Inspections, Testing, and Audits

Trust HTQS to maintain consistent grain quality standards and meet the industry standards and governmental regulations for your grain products.

Grains, including wheat, soybeans, corn, and rice, are essential commodities consumed globally. Just like other food products, grains must adhere to specific quality parameters and conform to industry standards.

Grain Quality Control Services

HTQS provides a range of grain quality control solutions throughout the production cycle, covering aspects such as sourcing, production, storage, and distribution.

In addition to grains, we offer quality control services for various other food products, including:

Grain Supplier Audits

Our on-site factory audits will help you identify the suppliers that best align with your business objectives. We assess suppliers based on various criteria, including:

Grain Inspection Services

Our grain inspection services are tailored to the specific production status of your goods and grain inspection criteria, mitigating any risks and potential delays. This approach allows ample time for quality testing, ensuring that your products conform to purchase orders, grades and standards.

We cover various types of inspections, including:

Grain Quality Testing

We can conduct on-site sampling to obtain a representative sample for analysis for grain quality testing. HQTS have a vast network of partner laboratories worldwide that can test your wheat for any contaminations and including:

  • Non-GMO Testing
  • Physical Testing
  • Chemical Component Analysis
  • Microbiological Test
  • Sensory Test
  • Nutrition Testing

Other Quality Control Services

Certification is necessary to import specific grain-based foods into overseas markets, including Uganda and Saudi Arabia. HQTS is authorised to provide Uganda PVoC and SFDA Certifications.

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