HQTS Quality Control

Automotive Parts Inspections and Quality Control

Automotive Parts Inspections and Quality Control

The quality of automotive parts is directly proportional to the safety and performance of a car. It is critical to devote more attention to the quality of automotive parts to improve safety and usability, thereby increasing your brand value. The purchasing process for automotive parts can be complex due to the varied specifications, supplier capabilities and diverse locations.

HQTS has conducted quality assurance services for automotive industry for several year, through our global service locations. We are ready and capable of meeting your requirements for quality, reliability, and safety of your automotive products, thereby improving your market competitiveness. Our experienced inspectors execute according to Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) procedures and can help you control your product quality during each phase of the production process.

Auto parts we service include:

Engine parts, automotive interiors, automotive exteriors, powertrain accessories, brake fittings, steering accessories, wheel systems, undercarriage systems, body accessories, steering systems, travel accessories, electrical instrumentation, accessories, car modification, security systems, comprehensive accessories, audio and video appliances, chemical care, maintenance equipment, power tools and much more.

Our Services include:

Factory Audit


Inspection services

  •  Pre-production Inspection
  • PPAP procedure
  • Pre-shipment Inspection
  • Loading/Uploading inspection
  • Production Monitoring
  • Sample Check
  • Selection and repair
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