HQTS Quality Control

Inspections, Testing and Audit Services for Meat Quality Control

HQTS offers meat quality control solutions that help you adhere to industry standards and regulations while following best practices.

Quality control of meat products is crucial due to their high-risk nature when mishandled. However, keeping up with evolving legislation and regulations can be challenging without a trusted third-party quality control partner.

Meat Quality Control Services

We provide a range of inspections, testing, and audits within your supply chain to verify whether your products meet safety requirements, comply with international regulations and maintain quality control of meat products.

Our quality control services cover a variety of food products, including:

Meat and Poultry Audits

HQTS can assess your suppliers’ adherence to best practices and ability to meet your quality requirements. We conduct audits at various stages of your supply chain, including farms, slaughterhouses, and storage facilities.

Our auditing services include the following:

Meat Inspection Services

Our experienced inspector can evaluate your products based on various dimensions, including packaging and labelling verification, visual appearance, temperature, sample weighing, and testing. These inspections can be done at different stages of your supply chain and include:

Meat Quality Testing

Whether you need to perform meat quality testing in India, China or the United States – we are here for you. We collaborate with accredited partner laboratories to conduct sampling and testing of your raw meat and poultry anywhere in the world.

 Our testing services cover:

  • Physical Testing
  • Chemical Component Analysis
  • Microbiological Test
  • Sensory Test
  • Nutrition Testing
  • Food Contact and Package Testing

Other Quality Control Services

In addition to our core services, we offer additional support to meet your specific needs:

Trust HQTS to provide reliable meat quality assurance services. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

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