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Fruits & Vegetables Quality Control

Fruits & Vegetable Inspections

Fruits and vegetables are delicate products in regards to shipping. Due to this, HQTS understand the need for safe and fast shipment and storage. With this in mind, we provide a wide variety of inspection services to better understand your supply chain processes and suppliers’ capability to align with your business objectives.  

These services include: 

Pre-production Inspection 

During production Inspection

Pre-shipment Inspection

Sampling Services

Loading Supervision/Discharging Supervision

Survey/Damage Survey

Production Monitoring

Tally Services

Fresh Produce Factory Inspection Audits.

Food products perish quickly. It is essential to choose a Factory that uses correct and efficient manufacturing processes. We assist in this decision-making process by providing inspections audits to look at suppliers activities, such as their food hygiene and storage capabilities. This helps in making the right business decisions to allow for a safe and efficient supply chain.  

Our Factory inspections include: 

Social Compliance Audits

Factory Technical Capability Audits

Food Hygiene Audits

Storage Audits 

Fruit and Vegetables Testing

We conduct an extensive array of testing for fruit and vegetables, allowing for a clear understanding of their quality. These tests look for potential risks within the product to minimise any delays or potential dangers. We also engage in shipment tests to make sure proper packaging and storage practices are upheld. Testing is an essential part of a safe supply chain, and HQTS provides innovative and ever-evolving solutions.

Our tests include:  

Physical Testing

Chemical Component  Analysis

Microbiological Test

Sensory Test 

Nutrition testing 

Food Contact and Package Testing  

Government Mandatory Services 

Some governing bodies have stricter regulations and certifications which must be obtained and be respected. We work to ensure your goods achieve these specific certifications.

Certifications such as:

Iraq COC/COI Certification

Contact us today to learn more about how HQTS can advise you on a safer and more efficient fruit and vegetable supply chain. 

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