HQTS Quality Control

Fruits and Vegetable Inspections and Quality Control

Verify that your fresh produce conform to industry standards and your quality requirements with the help of HQTS tailored fruit quality control services.

Fruits and vegetables are delicate products requiring safe shipping and storage. Factors like perishability, variable characteristics, complex supply networks, and contamination risks make quality control crucial and challenging for retailers, distributors and producers alike.

Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Quality Control

At HQTS, we understand the importance of maintaining quality control of fruits and vegetables throughout the supply chain. We offer quality assurance services throughout the supply chain for a wide range of products including:

Fresh Produce Factory Inspection Audits

Choosing the right factory for your fresh produce is crucial to ensure proper handling and efficient processing. We can provide inspection audits to verify the suppliers activitiy, including their food hygiene and storage capabilities. Our audits for fresh produce include:

Vegetables and Fruit Inspection

Our experienced inspectors evaluate fruits and vegetables based on international guidelines. We conduct inspections to verify packaging and labeling, assess visual appearance, monitor temperature control, and ensure adherence to quality standards. Our thorough inspections cover every stage of the supply chain including:

Fruit and Vegetables Testing

HQTS can take a representative sample of your fresh product on-site and test it in an accredited laboratory to help you verify food safety and quality. Our testing services include:

  • Physical Testing
  • Chemical Component Analysis
  • Microbiological Test
  • Sensory Test 
  • Nutrition Testing 
  • Food Contact and Package Testing  

Other Quality Control Services

We can provide other fruit quality control services including:

Contact HQTS today to discover how our expertise can help you establish a safer supply chain for your fruits and vegetables.

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