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Processed Food Inspections, Testing, Audits and Certification Services

Verify the quality of your processed food products to comply with regulatory and quality standards.

Processed foods cover a wide range of food products, including ready-made meals, frozen food products, and snacks. These products undergo multiple processing stages, contain various ingredients, and are packaged for long-term preservation.

Given the complexity of manufacturing processes and strict regulatory frameworks, quality control of processed food products has become increasingly crucial.

HQTS Seafood Quality Control Services

HQTS is an experienced quality control company that can assist you in auditing, testing, and inspecting processed food at any stage of your supply chain. Our skilled inspectors provide evaluations for various food items, including:

  • Breakfast, cereals, pasta
  • Cheese, yoghurt, butter
  • Ready-made meals
  • Rice
  • Spices
  • Snacks
  • Dairy Products
  • Canned meat and fish
  • Beverages
  • Pet food
  • Nuts, fruits and spices.

Processed Food Inspections

HQTS offers a wide spectrum of quality inspections for processed food. Whether you need to inspect nuts, spices, or a ready-made meal, we support you. We employ statistical sampling processes and can conduct inspections at any stage of the manufacturing process, including:

The scope of each inspection varies based on your requirements and may include product specification reviews, representative sample collection for laboratory testing, quantity verification, and more.

Audits for Processed Food Manufacturers

To objectively assess your intended factory’s capacity, capability, safety procedures, and practices, HQTS offers in-depth research and audits.

These audits consist of the following: 

Processed Food Testing

We can test the quality of processed food in our partner accredited laboratory for food products, ensuring the quality of the products and if they align with international and national regulations, minimising any potential risk to your supply chain. 

Our processed food tests include the following:

  • Physical Testing
  • Chemical Component Analysis
  • Microbiological Tests
  • Sensory Tests
  • Nutrition Testing 
  • Food Contact and Package Testing  

Certification for Processed Food

Certain processed foods require certification for imports into Uganda and Saudi Arabia. HQTS is authorised to perform Uganda PVoC and SFDA Certifications for goods destined for Saudi Arabia.

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