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Industrial Plants and Machinery Quality Control Inspections

HQTS offer a wide range of quality control services for industrial plants, covering quality inspections, supplier audits, testing services.

Quality control is important in industrial plants, as these industries are often subject to stringent standards and regulatory requirements. HQTS quality assurance services for industrial plants will help you minimise the risk of defects and prevent failures that can negatively impact your operation.

Quality Control Services for Industrial Plants 

Our experienced quality control engineers and technical staff are knowledgeable in quality control practices for inspecting and testing materials, machinery, and equipment used in industrial plants, mining, transportation, and heavy construction. We cover a range of product categories, including:

Industrial Inspection Services

Industrial inspection services are important to ensure that the products you source are manufactured to meet the highest standards of safety, quality, and performance. At HQTS, we offer a range of inspection services to support industrial plants across various industries including:

Additionally, we provide FAT witness inspections where our inspectors evaluate the following:

  • Functional inspection: safety and integrity of parts and the machinery, lines layout, etc.
  • Performance evaluation: whether the performance indicator meets design specifications
  • Safety evaluation: reliability of safety
  • Certification inspection

Supplier Audits

At HQTS, we also offer supplier audits, whether you are sourcing a boiler from a new supplier in China or you want to ensure that your manufacturer can produce goods that conform to your quality standards and specifications. Our services include:

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