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Third Party Inspection Company Saudi Arabia

Third Party Inspection Services in Saudi Arabia

Are you operating in the oil and gas, petrochemical, construction, trading or consumer goods industry? HQTS is here to assist you.

Saudi Arabia has different standards and stringent regulations that must be adhered to, with specific requirements often being prerequisites for many projects. With decades of experience serving the Gulf region, HQTS is one of the leading third party inspection companies in Saudi Arabia.

We provide inspection services in cities such as Riyadh, Jeddah, Dammam, and Jubail. Our quality control services extend globally, covering over 40+ countries, including major trading and manufacturing nations like the United Arab Emirates, China, India, and Vietnam.

Quality Control Services in the Gulf

As one of the premiere third party inspection companies in Saudi Arabia, we can offer a range of testing, inspection, and certification services. Our quality control services include product inspections, supplier and factory audits, project management, and product certification.

Our technical experts and inspectors are certified and trained in line with relevant international standards or qualifications such as NACE, ASNT, NDT-UT/RT/PT/MT, CWI, and IWI.

Third Party Inspection Company in Saudi Arabia

When importing products from distant countries, supply chain issues can arise. HQTS can perform product inspections at every stage of your supply chain, from pre-production to pre-shipment and container/loading and unloading. We inspect all common product categories, including: steel, valves, heavy machinery, spare tools, consumer electronics, food products and more.

Our experienced inspectors inspect products based on dimensions, quantity, workmanship, visual inspection, non-destructive techniques, and more, including your specifications or applicable industry standards.

Types of Quality Inspection Services

In addition, we can offer inspection in China, India, The United Arab Emirates and other countries.

Source Inspection / Factory Audits

We can verify the legitimacy of your intended supplier or assess their capability to produce goods that meet your high quality expectations. Our factory audits cover major checkpoints, including:

  • Company Legality Information
  • Bank Information
  • Human Resource
  • Production Capability
  • Quality Management Systems
  • Exportation Capability
  • Order Management

Product Testing 

HQTS operates accredited laboratories overseas for product testing, ensuring compliance with industry standards like RoHS, REACH, and SASO.

Apart from our own laboratories, we also have a vast network of partner laboratories across the globe to ensure that your products meet safety standards and relevant requirements.

Governmental and Product Certification Services

HQTS has a wealth of expertise in regulations and technical standards and takes part in various product conformity assessment programs across the globe.

We can issue certificates of conformity in various countries, including Uganda PVoC and more.

Other Quality Control Services in Saudi Arabia

Aside from the previously mentioned services, we also provide training in quality management systems, social compliance audits and consultancy in product compliance.


  • CNAS against ISO 17020 and 17025
  • Member of the Testing Inspection and Certification Council
  • NACE, ASNT, NDT-UT/RT/PT/MT, CWI, and IWI Inspectors


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