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Fumigation and Pesticides Testing and Inspection Services

Verify that your fumigation products and pesticides comply with regulations with our pesticide quality assurance services.

Strict regulations are in place to safeguard consumers when it comes to fumigation products and pesticides. Whether you are a manufacturer, agricultural business, or retailer, verifying that your pesticides uphold product requirements and quality standards is essential.

Quality Control Services for Pesticides and Fumigation

HQTS is a well-established impartial quality control company that can audit, inspect, test, and issue pesticide certifications. We offer our services for a range of product categories, including:

Pesticide Inspection Services

We offer a range of inspection services for pesticides and fumigation, including:

  • Pre-shipment Inspections: An inspection before the pesticides or fumigation products are shipped. These inspections verify that the products meet the specified order requirements, and quality standards and adhere to regulatory requirements.
  • Sampling Services: Obtain samples for further analysis and testing in testing laboratories.
  • Loading Supervision/Discharging: Ensure proper handling procedures are followed, correct quantities are loaded or unloaded, correct packaging and labelling are used, and seal the containers.

Pesticide Factory Audit

Choosing the right factory is essential to finding a safe and efficient supplier to partner with. We will conduct in-depth audits on the social factor or the manufacturer’s legitimacy and capability to produce pesticides that meet your quality standards.

These audits cover the following:

Pesticide Testing Laboratory

Fresh agricultural products are the most likely to contain pesticide residue. Therefore, we provide testing services in ISO- accredited partner pesticide testing laboratories using state-of-the-art instruments to analyze food products for traces of pesticides.

The tests in the pesticide testing laboratory include:

  • Physical Testing
  • Chemical Component Analysis
  • Microbiological Test
  • Sensory Test
  • Nutrition Testing

Government Certification Services for Pesticides

Some governing bodies have stricter regulations that must be followed and respected when exporting pesticides. HQTS can guide you to ensure that your goods are up to code for these countries, allowing your goods to be safe and efficient for import. Government mandatory services include:

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