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Food Safety Audit

Retail Hygiene Audits

A hygiene audit system delivers measurable improvements to your good hygiene practices and it also helps you to develop your food hygiene training and comply with international food hygiene regulations. Retail Hygiene audits are performed to help to improve the overall store image of the company and ensure food safety and enhance customer trust and a better workplace for employees to improve their work efficiency.

HQTS has established the Retail Hygiene Audit Standard based on the principles of food hygiene and safety control as well as applicable laws and regulations, combining with the store’s own internal control requirements. The store conditions are evaluated based on the actual findings, and then PDCA cycle method is applied to finally solve problems, reduce food safety risks in stores, improve employees’ food safety awareness, and establish a sound food safety management system.

HQTS Retail Hygiene Audit covers most food operations in retail sectors, including but not limited to: hotels, restaurants and catering, quick service restaurants, food retail stores, convenience stores and etc. Our robust hygiene monitored approval scheme is also flexible enough to be tailored to your needs.

Our typical food hygiene audit includes a detailed assessment of:
  • Organizational structure
  • Documentation, monitoring and records
  • Cleaning regime
  • Personnel management
  • Supervision, instruction and/or training
  • Equipment and facilities
  • Food display
  • Emergency procedures
  • Product handling
  • Temperature control
  • Storage areas

Cold Chain Management Audits

Market globalization requires food products to circulate internationally, which means that the agri-food industry must guarantee temperature-controlled logistics systems in line with the strictest regulations. A Cold Chain Management Audit is conducted to find out the existing cold chain problems, prevent food contaminations, and protect the safety and integrity of food supply. Cold chain management plays an essential role in maintaining and preserving perishable food from farm to fork.

HQTS Cold Chain Audit Standard is established based on the principles of food hygiene and safety control as well as applicable laws and regulations, combining your own internal control requirements. The actual cold chain conditions will be evaluated, and then PDCA cycle method will be applied to finally solve problems and improve the management level of cold chain, ensuring the quality and safety of goods and delivering fresher food to consumers.

Our typical cold chain management audits include a detailed assessment of:
  • Suitability of equipment and facilities
  • Rationality of the handover process
  • Transportation and distribution
  • Product storage management
  • Product temperature control
  • Personnel management
  • Product traceability and recall

HACCP Audits

Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) is an internationally accepted method of preventing food contamination from chemical, microbiological and physical hazards. The internationally recognized food safety system that focuses on the systems is applied to identify and manage potential risks of foodborne safety hazards from reaching consumers. It pertains to any organization involved directly or indirectly in the food chain including farms, fisheries, dairies, meat processor and etc., as well as food service providers including restaurants, hospitals and catering services.HQTS HACCP audit services are aimed to evaluate and verify the establishment and maintenance of an HACCP system. HQTS HACCP audit is conducted in accordance with the five preliminary steps and seven principles of HACCP system, combining your own internal control requirements. During the HACCP audit procedures, the actual HACCP management conditions will be evaluated, and then PDCA cycle method will be applied to finally solve problems, improve the HAPPC management level, and enhance your food safety management and product quality.

Our typical HACCP audits include main assessments of:
  • Rationality of hazard analysis
  • Effectiveness of monitoring measures formulated by identified CCP points, monitoring of record keeping, and validation of implementation effectiveness of activities
  • Verifying the suitability of the product to continuously achieve the expected purpose
  • Assessing the knowledge, awareness and ability of those who establish and maintain HACCP system
  • Identifying deficiencies and improvement requirements

Manufacturing Process Supervision

The manufacturing process supervision typically involves overseeing the scheduling and routine production activities, troubleshooting of equipment and processes within the manufacturing facility as well as management of manufacturing staff, and is primarily concerned with keeping the production lines operational and maintaining the ongoing manufacturing of the end products.

HQTS Manufacturing Process Supervision is aimed to help you complete your project on time while meeting all relevant regulations and quality standards. Whether you are involved in the construction of buildings, infrastructure, industrial plants, wind farms or power facilities and whatever the size of your project, we can provide you with extensive experience spanning all aspects of construction.

HQTS manufacturing process supervision services mainly include:
  • Prepare the supervision plan
  • Confirm the quality control plan, quality control point and schedule
  • Check the preparation of relevant process and technical documents
  • Check the process equipment used in the construction manufacturing
  • Check raw materials and outsourcing parts
  • Check the qualification and capability of key process personnel
  • Supervise the manufacturing process of each process
  • Check and confirm quality control points
  • Follow up and confirm the rectification of quality problems
  • Supervise and confirm the production schedule
  • Supervise production site safety
  • Participate in production schedule meeting and quality analysis meeting
  • Witness the factory inspection of the goods
  • Supervise the packaging, transportation and delivery of goods
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