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Quality Control in Pakistan – Factory Audit, Inspection and Testing

Quality Control in Pakistan

Pakistan is one of South Asia’s leading manufacturing hubs, specialising in sports goods, leather, textiles, garments, and chemicals.

Founded in 1995, HQTS is one of the premier third party inspection companies in Pakistan and throughout Asia. Our team are experienced in conducting product inspections in Pakistan. We serve domestic and overseas clients and cover key industrial cities such as Karachi, Lahore, Faisalabad, Islamabad, and Sialkot.

In addition to Pakistan, we help domestic businesses with overseas quality control services in China, India, Vietnam and other countries.

Quality Control Services in Pakistan

At HQTS, we provide various quality control services catering to your supply chain’s different stages. Whether it’s conducting factory audits in Pakistan or inspecting products and issuing certificates of conformity for exports, we are here for you.

Factory Audit in Pakistan

HQTS can verify the legitimacy of your potential suppliers and provide a detailed analysis of their conditions, strengths, and weaknesses. Our factory audit in Pakistan covers multiple criteria, including:

  • Manufacturer’s Background
  • Manpower
  • Production Capability
  • Machinery, Facilities and Equipment
  • Manufacturing Process Production Line
  • In-house Quality Systems
  • Management System and Capability

Product Inspection in Pakistan

As one of the well-renowned product inspection companies in Pakistan. We offer inspection services for all stages of your supply chain in Pakistan. Our inspectors have extensive experience in inspecting both industrial goods and consumer goods.

Types of Quality Inspection Services

Other Quality Control Services

HQTS caters to all your quality control requirements in Pakistan. In addition to the services mentioned above, we assist with the following:

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