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Third Party Inspection Company Indonesia

Third Party Inspection Services in Indonesia

Indonesia, with its booming manufacturing industries of electrical and electronics, toys, textiles, and machinery is becoming a popular destination for sourcing. Whether you are an international retailer, or a manufacturer requiring quality control services for crucial materials in your production, HQTS is here for you.

HQTS has nationwide coverage in Indonesia and can assist you with quality control services locally and internationally, covering overseas manufacturing regions such as China, Vietnam, India, and more than 40 other countries.

Quality Control Company in Indonesia

HQTS is one of Asia’s oldest and largest third party inspection companies. We offer tailored quality control services to over 15,000 international brands in the consumer, industrial, and governmental sectors. Our services range from quality inspections, audits, and testing to ESG consultancy. Our employees are trained in accordance with international standards and qualifications to support your business needs.

Third Party Inspection Services in Indonesia

We can perform quality inspections on all types of products, whether you are sourcing electrical and electronics, steel products, or require fabric inspection – we are here for you.

Our experienced inspectors will evaluate the products based on criteria such as dimensions and quantity verification, workmanship, visual inspection, functionality, and others.

Types of Quality Inspection Services

Source Inspection / Factory Audits

To help businesses understand the legitimacy and capability of their intended suppliers to produce goods that conform to their requirements, HQTS can perform supplier and factory audits in Indonesia or overseas. Our audits will provide you with a detailed report, and we will include factors such as:

  • Company Legality Information
  • Bank Information
  • Human Resource
  • Production Capability
  • Quality Management Systems
  • Exportation Capability
  • Order Management

Product Testing 

HQTS has its own laboratories in key manufacturing regions and a large network of partnering laboratories for testing consumer and industrial products. Our laboratory is Amazon product testing approved and we can perform a range of tests including:

Other Quality Control Services

In addition to the quality assurance services mentioned earlier, we offer:

Do not hesitate to contact us today to explore further details about our quality control services.

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