HQTS Quality Control

Seafood Quality Control

Comprehensive seafood inspection carried out in the country in which the seafood is sourced is essential for improving the quality and safety of all fish products. Timely inspections ensure that delivery times can be reliably estimated.

Seafood Inspection Services

The inspection process includes factory and supplier audits, product testing, pre-product inspection (PPI), during product inspection (DUPRO), pre-shipment inspection (PSI) and loading and unloading supervision (LS/US).

Seafood Surveys

Seafood surveys have become critically important. Longer transportation times increase the risk to the quality of the seafood once it arrives at its destination. Surveys are conducted in order to determine the cause and extend of any damage that may have occurred to the products during transportation. Also, a pre-survey carried out prior to arrival will ensure that everything is in order before reaching the correct destination.

Once the products have arrived at the final destination, a damage survey will be completed based on the client’s feedback which will include determining the cause of any damages sustained during transit and providing constructive, efficient and effective solutions for the future.

Seafood Audits

Seafood Factory Audits will help you to choose the right suppliers and evaluate the suppliers based on different aspects as needed.

Main Services will be as below:

Social Compliance Audit

Factory Technical Capability Audit

Food Hygiene Audit

Seafood Safety Testing

We can conduct various kinds of analysis based on different international and national standards to confirm whether relevant food and agricultural products are in accordance with relevant contracts and regulations

Chemical Component  Analysis

Microbiological Test

Physical Testing

Nutrition testing

Food Contact and Package Testing

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